Common sales and marketing tools while remaining independent

FBOs’ benefits

FBOs can enjoy the benefits of being a Sky Valet Connect location while they maintain their unique ownership, branding and operations. Sky Valet Connect members get the benefits of the sales and marketing strategy developed by Sky Valet, generating

A  better visibility…

  •   Increased presence online and in social media
  •  Common advertisements
  •  Share of the benefits of the PRIVATE SKIES magazine
  • Physical presence at EBACE with Sky Valet booth

....and direct contacts

  • International presence through roadshows and majors exhibitions and conference such as EBACE, NBAA, MEBAA, Schedulers and Dispatchers, International Operators Conference, RUBAE, LABACE and more
  •  Informative push mails
  •  Invitation to exclusive cocktails organised or sponsored by Sky Valet and its prestigious partners

On the operation side, FBOs can benefit from operational support developed by Sky Valet over the years, including, but not limited to, staff training, certifications (ISO, IS-BAH…), finance (audit of process, preparation of tenders, acquisition and/or sale of ground support equipment…) and operational tools (such as IT).

Customers’ benefits

Customers will benefit from one commercial interface for more FBOs, with already negotiated prices.
Sky Valet goes through an audit of the member’s facilities and FBO services to ensure the quality of operations.

Sky Valet Connect locations

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