There is one luxury that is more precious and elusive than any other privilege: being able to fulfil one's aspirations by always being free to choose.

Dedicated and personalised welcome

More than an airport, the reflection of a destination that has always aimed for perfection.

Just imagine stepping inside one of our airports. From that very first instant, our staff immediately responds to your every wish..

Everything is designed to anticipate and, above all, to exceed your expectations. This is a world of excellence. We focus on the details that make the difference.

Our motto is: nothing ordinary, everything made-to-measure. So leave it all to us! Our groundhandling service is a real conciergerie; it does it all for you. You are not only purchasing a Premium service, but also a mindset and constant dedication to satisfying you and amazing you.

It takes away all of the constraints so that you can sit back and enjoy the journey.

VIP Lounge

Be our guest

What could be nicer than relaxing in a private lounge? Treat yourself to some quality "me" time and revel in the unique experience of our VIP lounges.


Take advantage of a bubble of serenity to get down to some work, to read, or simply to wind down whilst waiting for your flight. The hushed ambiance, the play of lights and thelounge music in the background, plunge you into a unique atmosphere. Our spacious and modern lounges have free Internet and Wi-Fi access, electric sockets and TVs. Read the day's papers and around the world; help yourself to snacks and hot and cold drinks.

An occasional designer travel bag or trunk offers a discreet reminder that, in this haven of peace, everything is geared towards travel. And one thing leading to another... the mind readily takes flight.

Restaurant, catering

A delicious experience in peace and quiet

Feeling peckish? Feet firmly on the ground in one of our lounges, or flying at 10,000 feet, you can choose from a wide range of culinary treats and original snacks (assorted canapés and finger food) designed for on-board service and to meet the standards of VIP lounges.


You can always count on a time-honoured classic, but why not sample an exciting and unexpected combination? Buffet or à la carte, French or international cuisine, and a range of local dishes... There are thousands of delicious and varied possibilities to satisfy every appetite. As soon as spring comes around, the quiet, leafy terrace at Saint-Tropez Airport is ideal for enjoying sunny days beneath the blue sky of Provence, lulled by the sound of cicadas.

Luxury boutiques

Pushing open the door of a luxury boutique sends a tingle down the spine.

The headiness of fragrances; the softness of leather goods; the lure of fashion, watches and jewellery...

Each to their own style, their favourite brand, their preferred model… The door glides open to reveal a welcoming smile, because the art of hospitality is yet another luxury. A range of shops has been determined with you in mind so that you can treat yourself - or someone you love.

Limousine / car hire

Freedom of movement…


Impatient to get on with your holiday? Keen to be on time for your business lunch or meeting? A chauffeur awaits you at the foot of your aircraft. The service is perfect and discreet: as soon as you disembark, the chauffeur takes care of your luggage before driving you to the destination of your choice - airport transfer, theatre, hotel, conference centre, congress venue, etc. You have no need to concern yourself with the formalities, our chauffeurs ensure that you enjoy a peaceful and restful journey.

Helicopter connections

Flight of fancy.


If you want a direct connection to one of the French Riviera's ski resorts, or to the town where you'll be spending your holiday, or to an international trade show, the ideal solution is ahelicopter transfer. This is a simple and efficient way of getting around with no worries, and making the best use of your time. You set the schedule and a pilot is on the ground waiting for you for immediate boarding. No hanging around

Seamless travel

or the art of not touching the ground.

There's an expression the French use to describe something that happens in no time: "en deux temps, trois mouvements" – it means "in two beats, three moves". Sky Valet does better than this, reducing waiting time to "one beat, two moves", providing seamless travel. You simply step out of the jet and into a car or helicopter. This very comfortable and trouble-free solution gives you complete control over your time.