Welcome to Sky Valet, where Time and Attention are the Most Precious Resources. 


Whilst visiting any of the Sky Valet locations, you will benefit from harmonized and reliable operations, together with customized hospitality in our state-of-the-art facilities. As our honored guest, you are assured of the highest standards and the most sophisticated services.

For example, we will be pleased to reserve exclusive use of our terrace overlooking your aircraft at Paris-Le Bourget for a private meeting. We can as well arrange for a helicopter to be waiting for you just a few feet from your jet, ready to fly you to Saint-Tropez.

In a world where compromise is the rule, we know that private and business aviation must be the exception. Our teams are all inspired by the same determination to provide aircraft owners, passengers and crews with outstanding and personalized services. To achieve this objective, they have been trained by some of the greatest professionals in the luxury industry.

We consider that certification label is also key to ensure excellence in safety and security. Sky Valet Cannes was the first FBO in the world to achieve IS-BAH stage 2 certification, and Sky Valet Lisbon is the first and only FBO in Portugal to achieve IS-BAH certification. Sky Valet is gradually adopting IS-BAH label across the whole network. As a result, we are proud to report that 2017 was a record year with c. 40,000 business jets movements handled in France, Spain and Portugal. Thanks to customer trust and confidence, Sky Valet is now the leading FBO network for those countries!

In 2018, Sky Valet launched its Sky Valet Connect network, a sales and marketing network for independent FBOs, for the benefit of the FBOs and the customers. To build on this success and keep delivering on our promises to customers, we will further expand the network in the next future.

Now, let our imagination flow…