Full aircraft handling services

Our Operations Department is in charge of aeronautical services, responding to pilots' needs in a personalised manner (weather documents, NOTAMs, coordination with airport authorities). Our teams are always ready to help you. As you can understand, this is a restricted area where quality, know-how and technical expertise reign supreme.

Hand-picked staff cater for and manage your aircraft with professionalism and the utmost care from start to finish.

Guiding, positioning and chocking aircraft Surveillance of dedicated parking areas Impeccable cabin cleaning and prepping Aircraft washing Toilet services and drinking water De-icing Assistance with GPUs Fuelling

Pilot and crew services

Transport for crews and their luggage. A crew room and a flight preparation office equipped with computer and free Internet connection.


Air operations

Coordination with airport authorities European maps Weather documents and NOTAMs

Crew lounge

VIP crew lounge

Service pilote

Crew car

A vehicule is provided for the crew.



Fuelling service